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Welcome to PLR SMART - watch this area for announcements and other important site related information.

Added 11/28/07 - New exclusive content is now available. We changed the format of our videos, we're sure you like them even more! After careful thought we have added a Archived Downloads section where the last 2 months of exclusive downloads can be found. This will assure people who were not able to download them in time will still have access to the files. Please make sure you have signed up for the newsletter, we sent out a few emails about freebies and updates and will do so more in the future, make sure you don't miss out!

Added 11/25/07
- Added additional content to the content library, items such as Pregnancy Guide, Mind Power, PC Safety 101

Added 11/15/07 - WordPress Secure PRO install video is now in the Video Library, you can view it by clicking here

Added 10/29/07 - The new Article Keyword Statistics tool is now available in the tools menu, video is available on how to use it here.

Added 10/27/07 - BlackMagic's WordPress Secure Professional - this script is an exclusive currently available only to PLR SMART - download it here - manual included, we will post a video in the coming days in our library on how to install it, but the manual should work fine for most.

More PLR content added to the content library

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