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WordPress Auto Ping

Let your visitors do your work for you, using this code you can have your blog pinged to the major services each and every time a visitor view one of your blog pages

WordPress & eBay Done Right!
Don't go buy some fancy software to generate a niche store to only have a site deindexed by Google. This video will show you how to properly integrate eBay into your WordPress Blogs for free and make additional affiliate money while pleasing your visitors at the same time - again all for free!

WordPress Kept Fresh
Make your blogs appear freshly updated daily without lifting a finger. This technique takes blogs with exisiting content and moves the oldest post to the front using today's date. It does this each and every day to make your blogs appear updated daily.
WordPress Know Your Visitors
If you are not tracking your visitors data you are missing out. We will cover a free service where you can track all your sites & blogs from one location. It's easy to do and a must to get started on if you have not.
WordPress Secure Pro Install
Install WordPress Secure Pro on all your Word Press blog's. This video will show how easy it is to do. Plus the download link for your copy of Word Press Secure


What are Articles Breakdown Sheets and what are they used for, well this video will explain the purpose of the Article Breakdown sheets and why you should use them.
Create on the fly links that look like directories on any of your websites. This is a easy to use marketing trick that takes less than a minute to setup and have running.

Rewriting articles to use on yoru blogs and websites can be done in mere minutes. We discuss some of the available PLR SMART tools to make rewriting articles a snap for anyones. Plus we disspell a few myths about duplicate content and Google.


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